The Start of The Ruined Kingdom

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The Start of The Ruined Kingdom

Post by Silisk on Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:24 pm

(I'm missing the beginning of it, think it's on my laptop. So I'll include it some other time.)

LynxKreepWulfen: Stopping only a few yards from the man sitting at the throne, the gangrel shifts those crimson orbs from the woman lying upon the ground before returning them to the man. She smelled of fresh death as blood dripped from her clothing mixed with the rain. The corners of her lips curled into a wolfish smile filled with gleaming fangs as he ordered her to entertain him. The gangerl could do just that if only to try and silence his ill manners. She had brought with her only a dagger which hung from her back, her sword hidden in the forest. After her most recent meal she felt more then ready for a fight, the chaos in the city exciting her supernatural senses. Suddenly from her standing position she lunged at the man with a speed from zero up to nearly eighty, closing the distance between the two in less than seconds. Her left arm pulling the dagger from its sheath and curved around to stab him in the side of his chest with a force greater than three thousand pounds behind it. As she aimed the dagger for his chest she spoke in a voice of black velvet, "Here's your entertainment, Sir..."

Silisk: His brow quirked slightly at her lung, his shift in body posture could barely be registered, His hand shifted out towards her, before sliding out of the way of the dagger, following her hands slightly until he was able to rotate his hand enough to comfortably grip hers, this all happening so fast the eye couldn't follow. Just before the dagger was to strike him, he would use leverage and her lung to rotate her, hoisting her up into the air effortlessly before tossing her, with a single hand, out the window behind him. Glass shattering behind him from the impact, and assaulting anyone beneath the window on the streets like a deadly rain.

LynxKreepWulfen: Too late realizing her dagger would not meet flesh but cut only air her lips curled back in a scoff of both his speed and her arogance of not studying the enemy more clearly or carefully. Feeling herself being thrown through a window her body twisted as glass shards fell around her figure, slicing into the people below while she herself landed feet first on a young boy's shoulders. The force instantly broke his shoulders and spine as well as snapping his legs as he collapsed to the ground. The impact caused bone to slice and pop through flesh and blood to spill around on the ground. Smirking at this her eyes glanced about at those whom suffered the glass before she crouched and lunged back up towards the window, free hand gripping the edge of the window glass and all to pull herself up and back through the window, over the throne with dagger slamming down aiming to stab through the top of his skull.

Silisk: He sighed softly as he reached upward above his head, once more would he be grasping at her wrist, halting her attack. Only this time, he never bothered to look at her. Just used the sounds she made, along with the killing intent pouring from the pores of her body. He shook his head softly as he used a swift, continuous motion to lift her up by her wrist, over his chair to slam her into the floor hard enough to crack the stone, sending dust and debris into the air in a cloud around her. His fingers still gripped around her wrist, the pressure crushing he stared down at her as if she were the most pathetic thing in the world. “Seriously, I allowed you to believe you even stood a chance against me, but this was the best you could come up with? Lunging at me repeatedly? After jumping to the window, grabbing the glass, making noise to alert me to what you were doing. And the killing intent? It projects your intentions, as the name suggest. If you can't control it, you just broadcast what you're doing.”

LynxKreepWulfen: Upon feeling him grip her wrist once more as he had done the first time since she had repeated the same attack as before her other hand swiftly took the dagger just before it would have come down on his head right as he gripped that wrist once more and pulled her forward to slam into the ground in front of him; however, as he slammed her into the ground her feet landed first to take the most of the impact leaving the cracks around her feet rather then allowing her body to take the brunt of the force. At the same time she was being thrown down in front of him her other hand now gripping the dagger and free fell down with her body. She used both the force he used to pull her forward and down as well as her own added force to slam the dagger down into the throne between his legs, though not aiming to hit his body. Keeping her gaze locked with his own another smile formed over her lips, "If you believed I intended to kill you, then you are can be entertained while entertaining..."

Silisk: He quirked his brow slightly before tilting his head at her. “That so?” He reached down to grip her scalp, his fingers closing tightly against her flesh. As he stood up, he pulled her up with him. She'd find his grip like vice like. He kept the hold as he walked towards the window, positioning her so that she could see out it as he did, he feet dangling above the floor. “See those poor saps running around out there, you've got 30 minutes to kill everyone within this kingdom. If you can't do it, I'll kill you. If you accomplish it. I'll reward you.” Without giving her enough time to argue, or really think his offer over, he moved to chunk her out the window, head first.

LynxKreepWulfen: As he gripped her hair, Lynx simply endured the pain almost as if she could not feel it, or perhaps her pain tolerence was far greater then hanging from her hair off the ground in someone's grip. As he moved to the window with her, she listened to his words, eyes flashing out towards the kingdom. May had killed each other already, and upon his words she couldn't help but smile once more. She had killed many today already, nearly putting herself in a drunken stupor of violence. The taste of blood and the sweet aroma of fear filled her nostrils. Only during that time she had not been allowed to do it, she simply did it. This time someone offered her the chance to kill and gave the challenge of doing it within half an hour. Feeling herself being thrown out the window once more head first her arms stretched out, palms landing on the ground and elbows bending as she took the impact before rolling and landing upon her feet. Already her body began to tremble with excitement and anticipation. Within a matter of seconds from landing on the ground and rolling to her feet she was off once more, fangs ripping out the throats of anyone she felt with a pulse. Long extended nails dug into flesh, reipped limbs from bodies as she made her way through the kingdom one section at a time, screams being silenced as she moved. As her time ticked away the gangrel laughed delightedly, the violence swimming through her bones to her core. Watching the life drain from these beings brought her great pleasure, more so then she would have had in years. Nearing her limit with only a few more minutes to go, she had managed to make her way around the kingdom and slaughter any and all living beings before making her way back to the castle, rain and blood mixing on the soil and falling from her blood soaked clothing. Stepping back through those front doors she dropped the body of a small child from her jaws, drained of blood the pale limb body landed with a heavy thump before she stepped back up towards the throne, her crimson orbs shimmering with the daze of being drunk on violence and slaughter.

Silisk: He glanced over his shoulder as she entered the room. He quirked his brow slightly as he glanced her over. She looked like a wild animal, in fact she flailed around like a mad dog as she went around on her task he had set for her. He slowly turned around to face her, his new pet. His lips twitched in the corner as he eyed her, debating her potential. “I did mention an award. Fine, I shall adopt you. You'll learn from me, and do as I say. No questions asked, no arguments. If you fail at the task I set for you, I'll immediately kill you, no hesitation on my part, as I'm sure you can tell.”He sauntered over to the throne and sat down as he still watched her. “You kill like an animal, its interesting. Do you see yourself as a dog?”

LynxKreepWulfen: Her head tilts to the side ever so slightly as she watches the man turn back towards her before speaking. Gracefully stepping up to the throne he seated himself back upon she stood only feet from him, her body still dripping with rain and blood. "A dog is but a domesticated creature whose existence is to serve humans...I see myself as no dog...but a beast yes...a monster." For a moment her smile faultered as a flash back of her past trickled its way into her foremost thoughts. Humans had treated her as a monster even as a child and made her suffer greatly for it, thus dooming themselves for as she had aged, she became the monster they feared and had tried to 'purify' out of her.

Silisk: “What is a dog, but a beast use to the lap of it's master?” He rested his cheek against his knuckles as he watched her. His position and the authority radiating from his being.... Sitting in a throne matched him perfectly. He held the disposition of Royalty, dignified. He was chaos incarnate, but no one held the position as him. As if everything before his eyes were already his. As if everything in existence was unknowingly his. He played with it all in the palm of his hand.


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